1 December 2015

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Horror-a-Day with Guest Writer Joshua Davis!

Horror-a-Day with Guest Writer Joshua Davis!

DRACULA (1979), Directed by John Badham, Rated R PREFACE: Before I say anything at all about this movie, be aware that this film comes from the director of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. levitra tab 20mg That, coupled with the fact that it was also released in the late 70's  (deep in the heart of the Disco...


Guest Writer Joshua Davis! “PHASE IV” (1974) Directed by Saul Bass, RATED PG I'll start this one simply. Here is the plot synopsis: After an unusual cosmic event (not fully explained, but it appears to be a solar eclipse), the ant population on earth begins to grow at an alarming rate — so much so...


<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1261" title="Salo_poster02" src="http://stayonfountain.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Salo_poster02.jpg" alt="" width="264" hei generic viagra ght=”400″ /> Guest Writer Joshua Davis! “SALO” or The 120 Days of Sodom (1975), Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, NOT RATED (NC-17) hor·ror (hôr′ər, här′-) noun 2. the strong feeling caused by something frightful or shocking; shuddering fear and disgust; terror and repugnance SALO...
HORROR-A-DAY: &quot;Death Note&quot;

HORROR-A-DAY: &amp;quot;Death Note&amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis! “DEATH NOTE” (2006) Directed by, NOT RATED (tough call but I’d say it’s a hard PG-13) DEATH NOTE is a peculiar film. http://blog.csba.org/cheapest-levitra/ The first of two pictures based on an extraordinarily popular manga and anime of the same name, it has an intriguing premise, solid enough characters, and a suitably...
HORROR-A-DAY: &amp;quot;Matango&amp;quot;

HORROR-A-DAY: &amp;amp;quot;Matango&amp;amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis! “MATANGO” (1963) Directed by Ishiro Honda, NOT RATED Wow, now here’s an interesting one. Think GILLIGAN’S ISLAND meets LORD OF THE FLIES by way of David Cronenberg. A Japanese horror film that I’d heard about for many years but only recently got the chance to view, MATANGO is a film that...
HORROR-A-DAY: &amp;quot;Bucket of Blood&amp;quot;

HORROR-A-DAY: &amp;amp;quot;Bucket of Blood&amp;amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis! “BUCKET OF BLOOD” (1959) Directed by Roger Corman, NOT RATED Roger Corman was something else, I tell you. “Was?”, you say? “He’s not dead!”, you exclaim? Very true, but he has retired and the days of his type of films are long gone, so I will speak of him in the...
HORROR-A-DAY!: &amp;amp;quot;Peeping Tom&amp;amp;quot;

HORROR-A-DAY!: &amp;amp;amp;quot;Peeping Tom&amp;amp;amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis! glasses online cheap “PEEPING TOM” (1960) Directed by Mike Powell, NOT RATED Simply put, PEEPING TOM is a brilliant, terrifying film. I've seen very few films that successfully get under my skin and stay there, but this film did it and did it well. Part of me wants to think that...
HORROR-A-DAY!: &quot;Tomie&quot;

HORROR-A-DAY!: &amp;quot;Tomie&amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis “TOMIE” (1999) Directed by Ataru Oikawa, Not Rated (Equivalent of R) As you’re probably aware, the vast majority of the films I’ll be writing about are ones that  I’ve seen before and like well enough to recommend to you. Well, for this year, there’s a little something I’d like to try...
HORROR-A-DAY!: &amp;quot;The Night Stalker&amp;quot;

HORROR-A-DAY!: &amp;amp;quot;The Night Stalker&amp;amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis! “THE NIGHT STALKER” (1972) Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey, NOT RATED For this year’s film suggestions, I’ve made a conscious decision to try to include some things that are more…accessible and yet still a little obscure, and things that, while they may not be outright horror and are not even the...
HORROR-A-DAY: &quot;The Midnight Meat Train&quot;

HORROR-A-DAY: &amp;quot;The Midnight Meat Train&amp;quot;

Guest Writer Joshua Davis “THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN” (2008) Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, Rated R (also released UNRATED, which I recommend over the theatrical R rated release) No, this movie certainly isn't obscure, but it's fast on its way to becoming that way. And it's a shame, because despite a letdown of a script and...
HORROR-A-DAY! guest writer Joshua Davis

HORROR-A-DAY! guest writer Joshua Davis

“THE GATES OF HELL” AKA “THE GATES OF HELL” (1980) Directed by Lucio Fulci  NOT RATED (NC-17) Yes indeed, it's October! It's time, once again, to be SCURRRED!!!  Welcome to Horror-a-Day, Stay On Fountain's celebration of the craziest and most obscure horror cine that yours truly, Joshua Davis (joined this year by Adam Sass himself...
HORROR-A-DAY: Nightmare City

HORROR-A-DAY: Nightmare City

Nightmare City “Nightmare City”(1980), Directed by Umberto Lenzi, Not Rated (equivalent of an R) Quite frankly, this will probably be the least scary film I’ll put on this list. And this isn’t one of those films that tries to be scary and fails — no, this is a film that is more or less an...