26 June 2016

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How is Adam Getting His Drink On?

How is Adam Getting His Drink On?

“THE MINT JULEP” at The Thirsty Crow The most common sight at Silverlake’s Thirsty Crow Bar has to be a revolving door of hipsters grumbling about “stupid hipsters” going in, and giggling dribbly customers coming out.  I’m of the school of practice what you preach.  If you say you hate hipsters, don’t use hipster products:...
LA Playlist: "Heartbreaker"

LA Playlist: “Heartbreaker”

“HEARTBREAKER” by MSTRKSRFT feat. John Legend Yes, occasionally, I will listen to some pop music.  And this is the best kind of pop.  The kind of music you want to drive into Vegas with.  The kind of music that soaks up your smiles when you’re in love.  Plus, it’s got one of my (very few)...
Just Off Fountain: Game Night Out

Just Off Fountain: Game Night Out

Quick!  How much do you know about “I Love Lucy”?  Something I discovered the other night in WeHo was that no matter how much you think you know about Lucille Ball, there’s someone out there who knows more.  Marcus and I met up with his friends to truck it on over to newly opened Westside...
I Stink

I Stink

I’m glad that the douchiest thing about me is that I use Axe Body Spray.  That is, I used to use Axe.  My conscience has finally gotten the better of me.  I don’t want to turn into this meme– To explain my usage of this is to come out about another dirty secret.  I perspire...
Adam's BookIt Club: "Kavalier & Clay"

Adam’s BookIt Club: “Kavalier & Clay”

That’s right, another trip to RetroJunk.com has riddled me with a drive-by Melody Lane-ing.  Pizza Hut’s BookIt program, that’s awesome/awful little blue buttons that promoted reading/lying-about-reading in order to gain Pizza Points. Now, to be fair to myself, I did end up reading about 80% of the books I claimed to read, but that 5...