26 June 2016

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Top 10 Movies of the Year

Top 10 Movies of the Year

Written by Guest Writer Marcus Kaye How the hell have we already made it to the end of 2011?  I hope it was as fantastic for you as it was for myself, Adam Sass, and movies.  As you may know, I love lists.  My walls are covered with them.  My work desk.  My computer.  My...
FILM REVIEW: "Heartbeats"

FILM REVIEW: “Heartbeats”

If humans have animal counterparts, the French must be kitty cats.  Chain-smoking, hyper-intelligent, self-posessed and unmoved by the world, these human-cats are actually so sensitive, so deeply wounded by the day-to-day motion of the ocean that they pile on eccentricities to stronghold their cool exteriors. Writer/director/actor/costumer/man-cat Xavier Dolan must be intimately aware of this, if...