Word on the street is that American media doesn’t hold a monopoly on outlandish political ads with unintentional comedy that borders on artistic decision. Australia is just as flagrant. And, oh, what a flagrant!

Like the Anti-Mark Grisanti porn bomb ad from last week, the Katter spot uses an image of gay people that is non-representative, non-persuasive and will only succeed in reminding gay people that they could be fucking right now instead of watching TV.

Also, why do people think the Australian accent is so sexy? The power of the accent lives exclusively in the nasal passages.

Campbell Newman responded to the ad as “nasty,” but says he has no intentions of pushing for legalization of gay marriage in Australia, rather he is concerned more with “fair dinkum, normal Queensland families.” According to my Google Aussie Slang Translator, by “fair dinkum,” he actually means “real families,” so that is officially the silliest-sounding way we’ve ever been insulted.

Turns out, Katter’s advert (as the islanders might call it) wasn’t needed after all. The country/continent voted to block Marriage Equality legislation with 98 votes against. Don’t worry! That was out of 140 possible votes, and the Prime Minister requires something called a “Koala High-Five” before proceeding with further…eeeeh… I don’t know how the Australian government works.

I do know that France will legalize gay marriage next month, which will impress no one because, if everyone’s like me, they thought France had gay marriage fifty years ago.

Here’s a map of marriage across the world. See! Politics is insufferable everywhere!

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Written by Adam Sass

Adam Sass

Adam is a writer of gay-themed sci-fi thrillers. He lives in Los Angeles with his nurse fiancé and dachshund. Keep up with what he’s drinking on Twitter @TheAdamSass. Read more finger-wagging opinion & gay news with the new Stay on Fountain e-book: “A Look at the Great Gay Tipping Point”.