Over the Christmas season, Chicago Cardinal Francis George took time to reflect on the passing year and remember the birth of Christ, what so many Facebook statuses remind me is “The Reason for the Season.”  Except, he didn’t.  He spent Christmas publicly equating gay rights advocates to the Ku Klux Klan.  Missing the reason for the season aside, our animosity with the Catholic Church is not a one way street.  Plus, you know, to my knowledge, we have never lynched a clergyman.  Except for that young Matthew Shepherd boy who was tied to a fence post and left to die, just for being a Priest.  Or was it for being gay?  I can’t remember, I’m not a historian.

Either way, after a drawn out non-apology apology, and after the Pope said that gays would destroy the Family, the Catholics stopped making dramatic headlinesssssoooohh crap!  Another pedophilia scandal!

Christopher Jarvis, a 49-year-old married father of four, a UK Catholic Church child safety coordinator, a man whose job is to investigate child sexual abuse allegations…was found with Internet kiddie porn.


For the past nine years, Mr. Jarvis was in charge of 120 different churches and parishes across England and Wales.  Are you ready for the details?  Deep breath now…  Jarvis uploaded photos of pre-pubescent boys to the Ning social networking website.  Authorities traced these images to his home, where they found 4,000 child porn images, mainly 10-year old boys, on his church-supplied computer and a memory stick.

Most sickeningly is this detail, from The Daily Mail:

“[T]here were 120 [photos] at Level Four, which includes scenes of child rape, and 12 at Level Five, which can include scenes of torture and sadism.”

I DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT LEVEL 6 IS!!!  I’m don’t want to know what Level 3 is!  I don’t want to think of levels of child porn.  JESUS!  Literally.  Jesus!  Please?

Jarvis was in charge of not only child protection but also interviewing and investigating claims made by the grown victims of abuse.  So, what, then?  Did he continue a cover-up?  Do they all have to be reinvestigated and reinterviewed?  Good Lord!  Literally.  Good Lord!  Please?

This is like if in the movie Doubt, Meryl Streep busted the priest for sex abuse, and then at the end of the movie they found 4,000 pictures of child pornography in her home office!

Come on, tell me that wouldn't have been a better ending.


Well, at least he was caught.  And at least the Catholic Church is going to bring swift retribution on all those involved, just like they’ve done with all the other cases, right?  By hiring who is true someone to investigate them?  And at least the press is going to pick up this horrific story and run with and crucify all involved, just like they did with the Penn State scandal, right?  I mean, because child sex abuse is child sex abuse, right?  Regardless of who these predators are affiliated with?  The anger and retribution will be equal?

Fucking Almighty!  Literally.  Fucking Almighty.  Please?

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Written by Adam Sass

Adam Sass

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