I’m often misunderstood as a politics man. I have a mild understanding of it, and an even milder passion for it, and this very website covers gay politics. So why do I not consider myself a politics man?

Because I detest it. Like Eddie Valiant in Roger Rabbit, I unfortunately have to work in the midst of ‘Toons. The ‘Toons in this situation being anti-gay wing nuts.


Have you ever had a heated conversation about the separation of church and state? It’s boring. It’s seemingly self-explanatory, but it can be easily complicated. And nothing feels like a bigger waste of time than the over-complication of a simple idea. It makes me want to look outside and notice what a lovely day it is. It’s no way to spend a summer.

I experienced a brief sense of despair when I watched the news this morning. A senate sub-committee has finally taken up the ENDA again. That’s the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (stops gay people from being fired wrongfully), and whatever happens to it in this subcommittee, this Congress will never pass it, with or without the inclusion of Transgendereds; they can’t even pass President Obama’s Jobs Act, and jobs are all they squawk about. They couldn’t pass a bill if it were the Dip Hitler in Hot Oil to Resurrect a 9/11 Victim Act.

This Congress is totally gridlocked and fucked, and they all need to be chucked into the Briar Patch.

Then there’s NOM, that anti-gay marriage organization that has become wrapped up in a fraud case in Washington state. They were collecting signatures to put that state’s new gay marriage law up for a Prop 8-type vote in November. It’s now under speculation that nearly 1,000 of those petition signatures were forged. Out of a need to protect their reputation as icky perfumed hillbillies, NOM’s reaction was pretty much this:


Joseph Blackholm, the campaign manager for NOM’s arm (say that fast) Preserve Marriage Washington, said:

We don’t want this in any way to take away the tremendous efforts of thousands of people who complied with the law in both letter and spirit.

I’ll just bet you do, sir. Here’s the thing about the law: you’re SUPPOSED to follow it. You don’t get a treat for following it. It’s really weird when people brag about following the law to take away from the likelihood that members of his campaign broke it.

There’s no shame anymore, is there? In my previous entry of NOM is a Classless Piece of Shit, in which NOM’s white trashian indignant non-denial of their race baiting tactics was exposed, I pondered this same point. In this brave new future we call the present, information is easier to obtain than ever before. So how are people who are inherently dishonest and deluded protect their lies when the truth is as plain as words on paper?

The mind of the guilty walls itself off, admitting guilt becomes impossible, despite being caught red-handed, and the result is this shrugging we see all the time now.

Thas not even whut happened!

So, defrauded voters or not, the signatures needed for the ballot were well over the necessary minimum. In November, the good people of Washington State will vote YES (yay for gays!) or NO (boo, gays!) on Referendum 71.

If they were so sure they’d have the signatures, why bother forging? Are they worried? Or is this just the nature of classless pieces of shit?

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Written by Adam Sass

Adam Sass

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