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Chicago at this time of year gets a magnificent soft winter sunlight. “New York in your pocket” is how I think of my home city with its snow-salted skyline. For people who presently live there, I’m sure my carrying on is a little silly, possibly even enraging, since you are most definitely in the grip of a 20 below chill as of this writing. Ah, but for me, Chicago will always be that little world in the snow globe. I make it a point to revisit no less than once a year to preserve that feeling (and also, I guess, to see my family or whatever).

It’s not just Chicago, either. The whole state’s got quite a list of bona fides: we’ve produced Lincoln, Barack Obama, license plates with Lincoln’s face on it, a first-rate prison system strong enough to  hold several of our former governors and a dizzying pizza-to-citizen ratio. We’ve been home to Oprah, Ebert and John Hughes. We even let Michael Bay swindle us into filming here for Transformers 3, even though it ended up costing us millions compared to what we were paid. And if there’s a beloved comedian who has ever eaten, drugged or fucked himself to death, you can be sure Chicago was his home (or his tomb)!

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Nevertheless, regrettable!

I am encouraged, then, to witness the rapid moving of Illinois’s state government bowels towards a marriage equality decision.

The Senate sub-committee voted today 8-5 to pass a marriage equality bill on to the full senate. This measure is supported by Governor Pat Quinn, Chicago Mayor Rahm “R-bomb” Emmanuel, and enjoys a slight edge of support in the Congress. However, when it comes to gay rights, such matters are easier said than done in Congress, and Chicago boasts some of America’s mouthiest Cardinals, so I’d say this little party is just beginning.

The National Organization for Marriage has already threatened to put up $250,000 to fight for the dismissal of any Illinois Republicans who vote for the measure, but there’s that small matter of our unprecedented winning streak in November, so I’d say that’s put a lot of people in a “Saying Yes” mood. Support us with the Twitter hashtag #ILequality, which unfortunately sounds like a negation. Use it anyway!

As Illinois boys Wayne & Garth might say–

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“Game on!”



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Written by Adam Sass

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Adam is a writer of gay-themed sci-fi thrillers. He lives in Los Angeles with his nurse fiancé and dachshund. Keep up with what he’s drinking on Twitter @TheAdamSass. Read more finger-wagging opinion & gay news with the new Stay on Fountain e-book: “A Look at the Great Gay Tipping Point”.

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