Yeah, those e-books will be the death of the publishing industry and print books as we know it!  What?  I wrote an e-book based on this website?  E-books!  Behold the future!

Here’s the deal:  Stay on Fountain is growing.  We’re expanding to bring in more guest writers to make sure you subscribers get new content every day!  The “Stay on Fountain” book series is just the first step.  This is Book One (Book Two is being written now, as we live and breathe).  It runs 75 pages, and has lots of pretty pictures to offset all the words I throw at you.

It’s a 10-chapter collection of articles from the past, and I promise you, about 95% of what you read will be brand new to you.  But more specifically, it’s about the gay tipping point we currently live in.

It’s no longer politically convenient to gay-hate, and by the day, we are gaining acceptance in government and our own families.  I kaleidoscope together all the events, large and small, positive and negative, that have propelled us to where we are today.  Those of you reading who are not gay, there’s plenty here for you that concerns you.  What, you ask?  My book appeals best to those who are not rabid news followers.  If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is with all this gay stuff, then this book will be illuminating, indeed.

With kindness, pluck and a little humor, I break the whole damn affair down for you in Book One.  Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and most importantly, what it means for you, whether you’re gay, or know someone who is.

It’s $2.99, and your support keeps us going over here.  For those of you who can’t afford the three bucks, not a problem.  Find someone who’s got it on Nook or Kindle, and have them lend it to you for free.  All I ask is if you like it, tell everyone you know.  Getting the word out there about us means more to me than three bucks.

Soon, it’ll be available on Sony Books and Apple’s iBooks.  Oh, and true story, we’re selling at #53 in Gay & Lesbian Kindle books.  And no, smart mouth, there aren’t only 53 Gay & Lesbian books in the Kindle bookstore.  There’s at least 100.  So there!

Here’s how you get your hands on it!

You’ve got a Barnes & Noble Nook.

It looks real pretty on the Nook Color or Nook Tablet, but even Classic and SimpleTouch readers can enjoy a good read.

Buy it for almost nothing Now Here!

You’ve got an Amazon Kindle.

Ooh, so pretty on the Kindle Fire!  Reads on all Kindles.

Buy it for almost nothing Now Here!

You’ve got an iPad.

Kindle and Nook apps on your iPad.  Nice big screen for gay nonfiction roominess!

You’ve got a Mac.

Kindle and Nook apps for reading on your lap-or-desktop.  Must recommend Kindle for Mac over Nook for Mac– the latter is in beta testing and gives me the ills.

You’ve got a PC.

Kindle and Nook apps for reading on your lap-or-dekstop.  Both work great!

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Written by Adam Sass

Adam Sass

Adam is a writer of gay-themed sci-fi thrillers. He lives in Los Angeles with his nurse fiancé and dachshund. Keep up with what he’s drinking on Twitter @TheAdamSass. Read more finger-wagging opinion & gay news with the new Stay on Fountain e-book: “A Look at the Great Gay Tipping Point”.