If you’re gay and want to be married, you can get a marriage license today in one of seven places: Iowa, New York, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Washington, D.C.

By this time next year, that number could be increased to as many as thirteen (in decreasing degree of likelihood): Washington, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, California and Illinois.

By this time next year, that could shrink to as few as six: losing New Hampshire has become a possibility.

WASHINGTON has already approved its marriage law and has been signed by Gov. Gregoire. Signatures are already being collected to put the new law up for a Prop 8-y citizen’s vote. Not only that, but there’s gonna be TWO ballots to vote on! It’s Prop 8: Now, with extra confusion!

MARYLAND has already approved its marriage law and will be signed by Gov. O’Malley this Thursday. Signatures are already being collected to put the new law up for a citizen’s vote. Want to know where to sign it? Head over to Fox News.

MAINE already had a marriage law, and it was stripped by a citizen’s vote in 2009. A November 2012 ballot vote to reinstate it has already cleared the number of needed signatures.

NEW JERSEY has approved its marriage law, but it was vetoed by Gov. Christie. We have a year and a half to curry the 18 Yes votes to override it. Unlikely, but everything is worth a try when you have nothing to lose and everything to win. I don’t have a joke here, this coffee just gave me a rush of positivity.

CALIFORNIA had a marriage law, and it was infamously stripped away by Prop 8 in 2008. We’re still trapped in the jungle of the courts on this one, but we are so far taming its jaguars.

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Why do all these guys look like my uncle? Ugh, my brother’s wedding next week will be fun.

ILLINOIS began allowing civil unions last year, and a marriage equality bill was delivered to its general assembly earlier this month. Not sure yet how this will do, a former Illinois resident, I can tell you the state is pretty 50/50 cool people and yokels. Also, a measure like this really needs a strong Governor engine behind it, and Gov. Quinn has been wishy washy. Come back in six months! The bread might be rising then.

NEW HAMPSHIRE has a severely right-leaning senate and assembly that looks like will have the votes to repeal its gay marriage law by the end of the year. However, Gov. Lynch has sworn to veto this. It’s uncertain whether they have the votes for a veto override.


It is time to discuss the unsexy side of the marriage fight: Defense. North Carolina and Minnesota have citizen’s vote ready to go that will burn a ban of marriage equality into their states’ constitutions.

It will be a bitter, bloody fight to stop these votes, and even when we win, we walk away with nothing. That isn’t necessarily true, our spoils will be in stopping an injustice and in delivering a message: the tide is turning for marriage equality in the people.

Maggie Gallagher is running around to every news channel saying that every one of the 31 times marriage equality has been put to a citizen’s vote, they have won. And she’s right. And I HATE saying Maggie Gallagher is right!! We need to throw that momma from the talking points train.

I am wholeheartedly against citizen’s votes. That goes for Prop 8, as well as the possibly advantageous vote in Maine. I think of citizen’s votes the same way I think about asking permission to use the bathroom: even if the answer is ‘yes,’ it’s still embarrassing.

MINNESOTA, which has had a tragic rash of gay suicides lately for some reason, has decided the best way to stop gay teen suicides is to double down and recommit to telling them they are inferior people with a citizen’s vote to take even MORE rights away from them in November.

Yes. Our true mission finally revealed.

NORTH CAROLINA will vote to ban marriage equality in May, during the primary election. This move has been sold by Senate Republicans as a way to avoid ‘politics.’ And by avoid ‘politics,’ they mean drive head-on into them. The primary election will determine, among items like the Governor, who will run for President. We obviously know who is running for Democratic President. That leaves a vote for who will be running for the Republicans. Who do you think is going to come out most to vote for who will be running as a Republican? Might it be the lion’s share of the state’s Republicans? Might that not heavily slant the pie chart of people crawling out of bed on Election Day?

So how do we win this?

By having a little runt named Barack Obama on our side. He is building a massive commission in North Carolina, a pivotal state whose 15 electoral college votes he needs to secure re-election. Obama throwing his weight behind the defeat of Amendment One would be just the ticket to galvanize, prioritize and hopefully not anesthetize liberals and gays in NC, the very base that’s gonna score him a birdie. But will he?

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius spoke to the Human Rights Campaign about Obama’s awareness that Amendment One is gaining Big Deal-edness for May.

Pam Spaulding, the North Carolinian behind Pam’s House Blend:

“Not all states are in the same position as Maryland in 2012. In NC and Minnesota we have different battles to win, and all of them are important. I only wish that more of my LGBT peers and allies felt the same way.

Indeed. Oh, and this passage could shred domestic violence laws for unwed straight couples (good, I’ve got your attention), and may also urge Bank of America, with 25,000 gay employees, to move its headquarters from Charlotte to New York. Good. Go on, get! We’ve got a robust economy, and we don’t need your jobs– wait, come back!

Can we win? Obama is by our side, the DNC convention is in Charlotte, all eyes will be here, and the numbers of support have been dropping from months (61% to 56%). It’s winnable. If you’re giving money to DNC, you might as well give money to Protect All NC Families. A win for Obama is a win for us is a win for Obama. Let’s all jump into the bath together and wash up!

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Written by Adam Sass

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